Electrokinetica - Welcome edit / delete

London-based electromechical technology museum: they collect and restore things like generator sets and lifts. I came here via the excellent section on Compton church organs (the British equivalent of Hammond, using interestingly different technology).

to compton electric electronics history london museum organ retrotech ... on 27 August 2016

SigBox Website - Home edit / delete

"St Albans Signal Box Preservation Trust: Established by volunteers to restore and preserve the St Albans South signal box as part of our railway and architectural heritage." Should I ever find myself in St. Albans, this looks worth a visit.

to museum railway signalling ... on 17 March 2015

Festipedia edit / delete

"Festipedia is dedicated to recording the history of the Festiniog Railway from the 19th Century to the present day. You will also find much detail on the Welsh Highland Railway." I hadn't realised quite how big the FR/WHR is now -- I need to find an excuse to visit at some point!

to engineering festiniog history mechanica museum rail trains transport wales ... on 20 September 2014

Museum of Communication edit / delete

In Burntisland. Worth a visit at some point, it looks like.

to fife museum radio retrotech ... on 27 May 2012

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