Linesiding with John Index Page edit / delete

Some amazing pictures of the last remaining industrial users of steam locomotives -- e.g. a few coal mines in China.

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Peter R. Samson edit / delete

Pete Samson of MIT AI lab fame. This site has the TMRC dictionary, which is a forerunner of the Jargon File.

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Festipedia edit / delete

"Festipedia is dedicated to recording the history of the Festiniog Railway from the 19th Century to the present day. You will also find much detail on the Welsh Highland Railway." I hadn't realised quite how big the FR/WHR is now -- I need to find an excuse to visit at some point!

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Andrew Briddon Locos Home edit / delete

A collection of (mostly) commercial diesel shunters, with detailed articles about their mechanical restoration. I now feel less worried about the space my instruments and computers take up -- at least I don't have 17 railway locomotives to find homes for!

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Passenger Services over Unusual Lines edit / delete

I can't imagine why I would ever need this, but it's sort of interesting that it exists.

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Rail Industry Data | edit / delete

Handy index of public data from the UK rail industry.

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GENSHEET homepage British railway information and photographs edit / delete

Includes some more visualisations of the routing guide, although the original is actually pretty good to start with.

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ATOC - Routeing Guide edit / delete

The book that tells you what "ANY PERMITTED" means on a National Rail ticket. It's remarkably complicated, and produces some interesting results (e.g. it claims I'd be able to travel from Dundee to London via Aberdeen, although I suspect I'd get some odd looks if I actually tried that).

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Railways stuff edit / delete

Lots of London Underground stuff.

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