Geopolitical Hedging as a Service | Jon Bruner edit / delete

"It’s possible to force [Google Maps and MS maps] to display the map corresponding to a particular country, though, and I’ve done that here in order to compare the maps that they serve to different constituencies."

to amusements maps politics ... on 14 October 2016

Rail Map online edit / delete

Maps of the UK and of the western US showing railways. All of them. That ever existed.

to history maps rail retrotech ... on 05 September 2016

PLOS ONE: Redrawing the Map of Great Britain from a Network of Human Interactions edit / delete

Mining telephone call data to identify regions of Britain. Spoiler: Wales doesn't exist.

to big-data data-mining graph maps phone telecom uk ... on 01 December 2013

Welcome to MapServer — MapServer 6.2.1 documentation edit / delete

For that homebrew satnav project... this can generate map images on the fly from various sources, including OSM.

to cartography graphics maps navigation osm software ... on 29 July 2013


Mad. Very well-written. Absolutely fascinating. The gimmick is: take the Earth and change the parameters a bit -- rearrange the continents, or raise the sea level -- and then work out what effect it'd have on weather systems, local climates and ecologies. He also does the same for various terraformed Marses and Venuses -- the latter being particularly impressive.

to amusements climate earth ecology maps mars venus ... on 28 September 2012

Ordnance Survey large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - National Library of Scotland edit / delete

High-res scans of the old town plans. I live on Thorter Row, which was built about ten years ago; from looking at the maps of Dundee here, I learned that there used to be a Thorter Row in the city centre about a hundred years before that...

to dundee history maps scotland ... on 06 August 2012

Marilyn News Centre edit / delete

Algorithmic identification of hills. The book on HUMPS is really quite interesting. (Why radio? Because SOTA use a subset of these.)

to geography hills maps radio ... on 22 April 2012

Greg's Cable Map edit / delete

Visualisation of undersea cables.

to cable maps telecom ... on 16 July 2011

Generate a panorama edit / delete

Useful if you're on top of a mountain and want to know what the peaks around you are.

to maps ... on 21 May 2011

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