The Strowger Appreciation Site edit / delete

A collector who owns several telephone exchanges, among other things. He's recently restored the Glen Prosen 1950s exchange, which had apparently been sitting in a hut at the top of the glen until 2009 or so...

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The Ultimate Guide to 11 Meter CB Antennas edit / delete

A surprisingly good reference to antenna design from an "11 meter" enthusiast. (This being one of those bands that has wavelengths long enough to make antenna design nontrivial, but not so long that you're always compromising...)

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EH antenna homepage edit / delete

More analysis. The basic stuff is interesting, but then it... stops.

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Radiating feeder: Applying a theory. edit / delete

More Microvert/EH analysis, with suggestions on taking advantage of feedline radiation.

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The DL7PE-MicroVert edit / delete

Another small HF aerial design, but this one's explicitly designed to use the download as a counterpoise. This appears to be the approach that Firestik's no-ground-plane antennas use. The PDF gives all the design equations, which is nice.

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THE EH ANALYZED edit / delete

Modelling EH antennas using SPICE. This produces some interesting results.

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ZL1CLG edit / delete

Building EH antennas from the sort of "components" that, say, Wilkinsons sell. (And more speculation about how they work.)

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Site of Lloyd Butler VK5BR edit / delete

And this is someone who has some serious clue about antenna design playing with the EH/Isotron approach -- on the X2/X3 pages, he's doing experiments to figure out how it actually works, and what you need to do to make it work well. The results are nonobvious.

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L'ANTENNE ISOTRON edit / delete

Right, this is more interesting: this guy twigged that the Isotron and EH antennas look like they're operating on similar principles, and came up with a simpler design drawing on both, which can be homebrewed with some plastic pipe and old hard disk platters (!). Looks like it works well. There's a PDF here giving simple instructions for building the CB version.

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