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"This Forum is for the discussion of, and research in to the gaps in the British Television & Radio archives."

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The Lost Media Wiki edit / delete

"This wiki is a community passion project where we detail and attempt to track down (at least, in most cases) pieces of lost or hard to find media; whether it be video, audio or otherwise (of either a fictional or non-fictional nature), if it's completely lost or simply inaccessible to the general public, it belongs here." More of the "obscure episode of this 1980s cartoon" genre.

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Radio Channel292 International Broadcasting Shortwave Kurzwelle Rundfunk Sender Sendezeit - Home edit / delete

A group of German radio enthusiasts who bought one of the frequencies that Deutsche Welle used to use -- lots of pirate-inspired stuff on here. (Formerly "Radio 6150".)

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Projects: CMCR9 edit / delete

Some people clearly have more storage space than I do! Restoring a 1960s BBC OB truck, which means this is a mixture of the usual dismantling-siezed-wheel-hubs with fixing and recalibrating CCUs...

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Old BBC Radio Broadcasting Equipment and Memories - Home Page edit / delete

Impressively comprehensive site about BBC facilities up to the 1980s -- including a detailed tour of Broadcasting House as originally built.

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SDR with Raspberry Pi and DVB-T receivers | JPMeijers.com edit / delete

FM broadcast and APRS reception.

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The Dawn of TV edit / delete

Recovering recordings of early (i.e. 1920s) British TV.

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Broadcast History Resource Links edit / delete

Elizabeth MacLeod's comprehensive articles on particular American broadcasters (e.g. there's a really good section here on Amos and Andy, and how it's been interpreted by history).

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Patepluma Radio History edit / delete

Latin American radio history. Fascinating!

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