The Nexus: Projects - VGA to SCART Converter edit / delete

Handy list of modelines for PAL and NTSC.

to electronics modeline scart vga video x ... on 27 February 2012

VGASIG - Software FM radio edit / delete

Code to generate FM radio signals using a TV card. He suggests the Intel onboard cards work well, which is convenient. Wonder how effective this would be for VHF PSK/Olivia?

to broadcast radio sdr software vga ... on 06 January 2011

VGA to TV converter edit / delete

This is probably a bit more complicated than it needs to be, but it seems to cover all the bases in terms of generating composite sync.

to electronics scart vga video ... on 16 September 2010

RGB Scart - MythTV edit / delete

to electronics scart vga video ... on 25 August 2010

AVGA Homepage edit / delete

AVR tile-based graphics. Very neat.

to avr games microcontroller software vga video ... on 21 August 2009

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