FreeBSD Desktop | 𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚗 edit / delete

Detailed writeup of an X desktop setup. This is actually pretty close to mine...

to desktop freebsd openbox x ... on 29 June 2020

Xplain edit / delete

An explanation of how X works -- using an X server written in Javascript for the examples!

to cute-code graphics javascript x ... on 14 October 2016

derat/xsettingsd: Provides settings to X11 applications via the XSETTINGS specification edit / delete

"xsettingsd is a daemon that implements the XSETTINGS specification." I don't actually need this now, but if the GTK developers continue their programme of deliberately breaking other desktops then it might be useful...

to software x xsettings ... on 28 February 2016

kragen/xcompose edit / delete

Should you need more compose keybindings in X...

to compose keyboard x ... on 31 December 2015


How to use X resources properly.

to motif resources x x11 xaw xt ... on 22 August 2014

tinywm edit / delete

Yes, that's a pretty small window manager (the source is quoted in its entirety on this page).

to cute-code software window-manager wm x x11 ... on 06 August 2013

The Window Manager Report edit / delete

Comprehensive list of X window managers.

to software window-manager wm x x11 ... on 06 August 2013

xf86-video-sunxifb edit / delete

Accelerated Xorg driver for sunxi machines.

to a10 arm graphics sunxi video x ... on 19 July 2013

The Nexus: Projects - VGA to SCART Converter edit / delete

Handy list of modelines for PAL and NTSC.

to electronics modeline scart vga video x ... on 27 February 2012

FotH TV edit / delete

Appropriate modelines for X to generate 405-line TV signals. Awesome. What's even better is that he does the same for 819-line -- so you can show HD material on it!

to 405 radio retrotech tv video x ... on 07 May 2011

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