Sway edit / delete

A valiant attempt to make a usable compositor for Wayland (in as much as such a thing is possible).

to graphics wayland wm ... on 05 May 2018

tinywm edit / delete

Yes, that's a pretty small window manager (the source is quoted in its entirety on this page).

to cute-code software window-manager wm x x11 ... on 06 August 2013

The Window Manager Report edit / delete

Comprehensive list of X window managers.

to software window-manager wm x x11 ... on 06 August 2013

aerosuidae.net : goomwwm : index edit / delete

A keyboard-driven stacking WM. It works pretty well, but not quite well enough to make me give up a proper stacking WM; on the other hand, there are definitely some good interface ideas here that I've stolen for my FVWM configuration...

to software ui window-manager wm x11 ... on 25 November 2012

rubykat/FvwmPiazza edit / delete

Tiling module for fvwm.

to fvwm tiling ui wm ... on 24 May 2012

Qtile Window Manager - home edit / delete

Aha -- a Python tiling window manager. Worth playing with.

to python software wm ... on 06 January 2011

XMonad.Layout.FixedColumn edit / delete

Aha -- this is almost what I wanted (although I'm after multiple columns). Maybe it could be adapted into a layout modifier, so I could have tiled 80x43 windows...

to wm x11 xmonad ... on 31 January 2010

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