es edit / delete

"Es is an extensible shell. The language was derived from the Plan 9 shell, rc, and was influenced by functional programming languages, such as Scheme, and the Tcl embeddable programming language." Meets some of the design criteria I'm interested in, although overall I don't find the design that compelling.

to es language-design shell unix ... on 06 April 2017

dgsh — directed graph shell edit / delete

DDS's shell allowing the construction of arbitrary graphs of pipes. I like the examples, which range from "Directory listing" to "Nuclear magnetic resonance processing".

to pipeline shell software unix ... on 26 February 2017

szl edit / delete

A "better Tcl" language (i.e. something that sits in roughly the shell space, but is actually a real programming language with exceptions, etc.) The simplicity is interesting.

to language-design shell szl tcl ... on 06 December 2016

jlevy/the-art-of-command-line: Master the command line, in one page edit / delete

I didn't learn anything remarkable here (although it did remind me about M-# in bash, which I always forget), but this is a good reference for new Unix-like users.

to shell tips unix ... on 16 March 2016

turtle: Shell programming, Haskell-style | Hackage edit / delete

"turtle is a reimplementation of the Unix command line environment in Haskell so that you can use Haskell as both a shell and a scripting language."

to haskell scripting shell ... on 22 March 2015

xiaq/elvish · GitHub edit / delete

A pretty fancy shell written in Go.

to go shell software unix ... on 24 August 2014

Proper handling of SIGINT/SIGQUIT edit / delete

What shells and applications ought to be doing.

to programming shell sigint signal unix ... on 07 June 2013

fish's fish shell edit / delete

Hmm. Not convinced that it's worth learning a *slightly* different shell that's no good for scripting.

to shell software ... on 21 August 2012

~sven_mascheck/ edit / delete

A comprehensive history of Unix shells, and the subtle differences between them.

to retrocomputing shell unix ... on 06 August 2012

Mosh: the mobile shell edit / delete

SSH replacement for poor-quality links. It works by effectively distributing screen's model: the client has a full terminal emulator inside it, and does intelligent synchronisation with the server. Downsides: custom crypto (argh!), needs UDP (double argh!), ludicrous complexity.

to network shell software ssh terminal to-package ... on 27 May 2012

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