NoSquint: Firefox Extension edit / delete

Extension for changing font sizes automatically in Firefox.

to firefox font-size fonts text ... on 28 April 2014

866522 – Bookmarklets affected by CSP edit / delete

The bug that's just caused me to have to write a Firefox extension (they've broken the one thing that I actually want to use Javascript for). It's surprisingly easy to write an extension, but it still results in a 180K .xpi rather than a single-line bookmarklet...

to bookmarklet csp firefox javascript mozilla ... on 13 August 2013

MitM Me (SSL Error Bypass) :: Add-ons for Firefox edit / delete

Firefox 3 plugin that makes it less painful to work with self-signed certs.

to firefox software ssl ... on 18 August 2009

Perspectives : Improving SSH-style Host Authentication with Multi-path Network Probing edit / delete

A neat approach to SSL certificate (etc.) validation: have multiple public databases mapping hostnames to certificates, which can be checked automatically. It's a bit of a pity that their plugins include binary libraries...

to certificates firefox security software ssh ssl ... on 26 August 2008

Mozilla stuff edit / delete

The "open in browser as" functionality from Links for Firefox.

to firefox plugins software ... on 14 February 2008

firefox is moving to an other workspace edit / delete

How to make Firefox's irritating self-raising behaviour less annoying in xfwm4.

to firefox software x xfce ... on 16 October 2007 - conkeror: index edit / delete

Keyboard-driven UI for the Mozilla engine. It's not perfect, but it's still pretty impressive. (The biggest problem is Mozilla's normal keyboard-focus-tracking bugs, which are obviously more serious when keyboard focus is all you care about...)

to firefox mozilla software web ... on 14 May 2006

SessionSaver - MozillaZine Knowledge Base edit / delete

Link to the development version.

to extension firefox ... on 06 November 2005

Index of /pierceive/adblock edit / delete

Canned filters for the Firefox Adblock plugin.

to firefox ... on 08 June 2005

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