Teenager’s UX: Designing for Teens edit / delete

"Teens are (over)confident in their web abilities, but they perform worse than adults. Lower reading levels, impatience, and undeveloped research skills reduce teens’ task success and require simple, relatable sites."

to design ui usability web ... on 29 June 2020

The Website Obesity Crisis edit / delete

"This talk [is] about mostly-text sites that, for unfathomable reasons, are growing bigger with every passing year." Quite.

to design efficiency web ... on 28 February 2016

IPFS is a new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol. edit / delete

A DHT-based CDN. Neat idea; unlikely to be adopted; curious as to what the performance would actually be like in practice.

to cdn dht ipfs p2p server software web ... on 23 September 2015

Unicorn Unix Magic Tricks - Thorsten Ball edit / delete

"How would one build something like this? I had no idea." The author then goes on to explore in detail how to build a process farm; a nice overview of the techniques.

to ipc process server unix web ... on 23 March 2015

New Clues edit / delete

"Non-neutral applications built on top of the neutral Net are becoming as inescapable as the pull of a black hole. If Facebook is your experience of the Net, then you’ve strapped on goggles from a company with a fiduciary responsibility to keep you from ever taking the goggles off."

to internet politics privacy society web ... on 22 March 2015

Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds — The Message — Medium edit / delete

"This computer ran a Unix-based operating system. It was located somewhere in Virginia. I went to bed. When I woke up 100 people were asking for accounts." An author discovers the social aspects of Unix systems; there are actually lots of shared machines like this around, quietly keeping groups of people happy. (bookmarks.offog.org is running on one...)

to amusements society unix web ... on 22 March 2015

Lockdown – Marco.org edit / delete

"The bigger problem is that they’ve abandoned interoperability. RSS, semantic markup, microformats, and open APIs all enable interoperability, but the big players don’t want that — they want to lock you in, shut out competitors, and make a service so proprietary that even if you could get your data out, it would be either useless". Quite.

to politics rss web ... on 13 March 2015

Taming the Asynchronous Beast with CSP Channels in JavaScript edit / delete

A nice example of the ideas of process-oriented programming being reinvented. (Again.)

to concurrency csp javascript programming web ... on 13 March 2015

Butterick’s Practical Typography edit / delete

I don't agree with all of this (especially the ludicrously huge font sizes it recommends for the web), but there's some good stuff here.

to design font text typography web ... on 13 March 2015

Rich User Experience, UX and Desktopization of War edit / delete

"Experience design prevents from thinking and valuing computers as computers, and interfaces as interfaces. It makes us helpless." I agree with the point the author is making here, although it's hard to find a single quotation that summarises it; the Tumblr screenshot is pretty much a perfect encapsulation of what I dislike about the "UX" approach. (I also find the picture of the drone control workstations particularly upsetting, because the GNOME desktop in the top right is running a bit of software I've contributed to in the past. I don't like tools I've built being used to kill people.)

to design ui web ... on 19 January 2015

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