Butterick’s Practical Typography edit / delete

I don't agree with all of this (especially the ludicrously huge font sizes it recommends for the web), but there's some good stuff here.

to design font text typography web ... on 13 March 2015

How to choose a font | Wisdom and Wonder edit / delete

Links to various articles on font selection; various interesting references on readability for different purposes.

to accessibility fonts typesetting typography ... on 26 July 2014

Typography in 8 bits: System fonts » DamienG edit / delete

Comparison of system fonts from 8-bit machines. (I like the Amstrad CPC one, although the BBC one's probably cleaner overall.)

to acorn amstrad apple fonts retrocomputing sinclair typography ... on 14 August 2013

DIN 1451 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia edit / delete

The ubiquitous 20th-century German industrial typeface. (Ignore the FF DIN redrawn version; it's not nearly as nice as the original.)

to fonts german industrial typography ... on 20 November 2010

Typefoundry edit / delete

Impressively well-written blog on the history of typography.

to fonts history printing retrotech typography ... on 14 November 2010

Index of /~eppstein/PADS edit / delete

Python Algorithms and Data Structures. Includes a rather neat implementation of Knuth's paragraph-wrapping algorithm; I should really get around to finishing off my text rendering thing at some point...

to python software typography ... on 04 March 2008

panopticist: Downward Movement edit / delete

The amazing musical scores of George Crumb. I remember reading a book about these at school -- must try to find a copy...

to amusements music typography ... on 23 March 2006

Python: module tex_wrap edit / delete

Python implementation of the TeX line-breaking algorithm.

to python software tex text typography ... on 13 January 2006

HYPHENATION, HTML Edition edit / delete

An online book on hyphenation. I love the Internet.

to amusements hyphenation typesetting typography ... on 07 January 2006

Amar Sagoo - Tofu edit / delete

Mac program for rendering text nicely. Now, a free version of this, using the TeX hyphenation algorithm...

to font software text typesetting typography ... on 31 December 2005

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