SILE – Home edit / delete

A modern TeX-style typesetter using Lua as the language. Interesting idea.

to lua tex typesetting ... on 12 September 2017

politza/pdf-tools: Emacs support library for PDF files. edit / delete

PDF viewer integrated into Emacs.

to emacs pdf tex ... on 11 October 2016

Patoline edit / delete

TeX-like typesetting system written in OCaml.

to ocaml tex typesetting ... on 13 July 2014

The HoTT book « Mathematics and Computation edit / delete

Evangelising the use of proper version control for collaborative writing. (Which seems kind of obvious to me, but it's surprisingly hard to persuade people about.)

to academia git scm tex writing ... on 11 July 2013

TikZ and PGF | edit / delete

Plenty of TikZ examples, including several process-diagram-ish ones. Some day in the future, when I get around to producing a process-oriented-LaTeX package...

to graphics tex tikz typesetting ... on 01 May 2010

CTAN: memoir edit / delete

Large package for LaTeX that's designed for typesetting books. Looks useful.

to latex publishing tex typesetting ... on 18 December 2009

Blowup edit / delete

A neat pdftex program for turning a PDF or image into a multi-sheet poster (with proper scaling for PDFs). It's tempting to print a really big version of the front page of one of our papers... There's lots of other cool stuff on Alfred's site too.

to graphics pdf printing tex ... on 19 November 2008

Python: module tex_wrap edit / delete

Python implementation of the TeX line-breaking algorithm.

to python software tex text typography ... on 13 January 2006

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