politza/pdf-tools: Emacs support library for PDF files. edit / delete

PDF viewer integrated into Emacs.

to emacs pdf tex ... on 11 October 2016

pdfsandwich edit / delete

"pdfsandwich generates "sandwich" OCR pdf files, i.e. pdf files which contain only images (no text) will be processed by optical character recognition (OCR) and the text will be added to each page invisibly "behind" the images." Based on tesseract and unpaper.

to ocr pdf software ... on 21 June 2016

PDF edit / delete

PDF from a publishing perspective.

to dtp pdf publishing ... on 02 May 2012

PDFCrop edit / delete

Tool for trimming PDF margins.

to pdf software to-package ... on 10 August 2010

Xournal edit / delete

I ought to have a play with this on the tablet (for annotating PDFs) at some point.

to pdf software tablet ... on 03 June 2010

Blowup edit / delete

A neat pdftex program for turning a PDF or image into a multi-sheet poster (with proper scaling for PDFs). It's tempting to print a really big version of the front page of one of our papers... There's lots of other cool stuff on Alfred's site too.

to graphics pdf printing tex ... on 19 November 2008

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