Beefchicken Industries edit / delete

Collecting Linotype machines requires a special kind of dedication (and a lot of space). Very impressive, though!

to linotype mechanica printing retrotech telephone typesetting ... on 07 April 2021

Typefoundry edit / delete

Impressively well-written blog on the history of typography.

to fonts history printing retrotech typography ... on 14 November 2010

Blowup edit / delete

A neat pdftex program for turning a PDF or image into a multi-sheet poster (with proper scaling for PDFs). It's tempting to print a really big version of the front page of one of our papers... There's lots of other cool stuff on Alfred's site too.

to graphics pdf printing tex ... on 19 November 2008

Making Light: Typesetting: when it changed edit / delete

Memories of how typesetting used to work.

to printing retrotech typesetting ... on 12 December 2005

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