Beefchicken Industries edit / delete

Collecting Linotype machines requires a special kind of dedication (and a lot of space). Very impressive, though!

to linotype mechanica printing retrotech telephone typesetting ... on 07 April 2021

SILE – Home edit / delete

A modern TeX-style typesetter using Lua as the language. Interesting idea.

to lua tex typesetting ... on 12 September 2017 | The Citation Style Language – open and free citation styles edit / delete

[...] "the Citation Style Language (CSL), an open XML-based language to describe the formatting of citations and bibliographies."

to academia bibliography citation publishing typesetting ... on 26 July 2014

How to choose a font | Wisdom and Wonder edit / delete

Links to various articles on font selection; various interesting references on readability for different purposes.

to accessibility fonts typesetting typography ... on 26 July 2014

Patoline edit / delete

TeX-like typesetting system written in OCaml.

to ocaml tex typesetting ... on 13 July 2014

TikZ and PGF | edit / delete

Plenty of TikZ examples, including several process-diagram-ish ones. Some day in the future, when I get around to producing a process-oriented-LaTeX package...

to graphics tex tikz typesetting ... on 01 May 2010

CTAN: memoir edit / delete

Large package for LaTeX that's designed for typesetting books. Looks useful.

to latex publishing tex typesetting ... on 18 December 2009

Common (La)TeX errors edit / delete

Handy reference to fiddly things that can go wrong with LaTeX formatting.

to latex research typesetting ... on 14 November 2008

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