PubCSS: Formatting Academic Publications in HTML & CSS | Thomas Park edit / delete

Nice idea, but: the output looks *terrible*, and it relies on proprietary tools. Maybe if someone knocked up an xmltex-based backend...

to academia css formatting html latex publication text ... on 22 March 2015

writeLaTeX edit / delete

Like the execrable Google Docs, but for LaTeX.

to latex web ... on 21 August 2012

wiki2beamer home edit / delete

The wiki-markup-to-LaTeX tool I wanted a while ago...

to latex presentation slides software wiki ... on 15 May 2011

CTAN: memoir edit / delete

Large package for LaTeX that's designed for typesetting books. Looks useful.

to latex publishing tex typesetting ... on 18 December 2009

Common (La)TeX errors edit / delete

Handy reference to fiddly things that can go wrong with LaTeX formatting.

to latex research typesetting ... on 14 November 2008

The LaTeX Beamer Class Homepage edit / delete

This being the LaTeX slides class that some of the other CPA people use -- probably worth looking at as an alternative to Prosper.

to latex research slides ... on 18 July 2007

LaTeX command reference edit / delete

Handy alphabetical list of LaTeX commands.

to latex ... on 15 May 2005

The algorithms Package for LaTeX edit / delete

A LaTeX package for typesetting psuedocode.

to latex software ... on 08 May 2005

Getting Started with LaTeX edit / delete

The LaTeX quick reference I keep coming back to.

to latex research ... on 16 April 2005

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