NetHackWiki, the NetHack wiki edit / delete

Exactly what it sounds like. Some entertaining articles here, e.g. the list of Bad Ideas.

to amusements fantasy games nethack roguelike rpg wiki ... on 27 August 2016

Break Into Chat - BBS wiki edit / delete

More specifically, wiki about BBS door games.

to bbs doors games history retrocomputing wiki ... on 24 October 2015

Roader's Digest: The SABRE Wiki edit / delete

A wiki about roads in the UK.

to road transport uk wiki ... on 23 September 2015

chessprogramming - home edit / delete

A wiki for chess programmers.

to chess games programming wiki ... on 07 June 2015

The Dragon Archive edit / delete

Everything you could ever want to know about the Dragon 32/64.

to 6809 dragon retrocomputing wiki ... on 08 May 2015

XOWA: Main Page edit / delete

"XOWA is a free, open-source application that lets you download Wikipedia to your computer."

to mirroring software wiki wikipedia ... on 24 August 2014

RationalWiki edit / delete

Often amusing, although there's a fine line between being rational and being smug.

to amusements atheism rationality science wiki ... on 27 April 2014

CrawlWiki edit / delete

Comprehensive wiki for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

to crawl games roguelike stone-soup wiki ... on 29 July 2013

Main Page - IFWiki edit / delete

I probably ought to have this bookmarked here for students who I point at my "if" tag...

to games if wiki ... on 11 July 2013

mwlib – edit / delete

Python MediaWiki syntax parser. Not that I'd actually want to write in MediaWiki syntax, but if we ever want to do anything clever with the CoSMoS wiki content this'd be useful.

to python software text wiki ... on 13 July 2011

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