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A story about Garry Kasparov and the birth of chess databases. If you've ever wanted a picture of Kasparov playing Hopper on a BBC B, this is the place to go.

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chessprogramming - home edit / delete

A wiki for chess programmers.

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Toledo Atomchess Game edit / delete

A better bootblock chess implementation.

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Kenneth W. Regan's Chess Page edit / delete

Mostly about detecting cheating in chess through extremely crafty statistical methods. Fascinating stuff -- although you probably need to know more about chess than I do to really appreciate it.

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bolknote/SedChess edit / delete

As the name suggests.

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PIC Blitz edit / delete

"PIC Blitz is a tiny, low-power, ultra-low-cost device that plays lightning chess. It is based on a PIC16F628A microcontroller, which has just 3.5 kbytes of flash and 224 bytes of RAM."

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Full ZX-81 Chess in 1K edit / delete

The (relatively) famous 1K chess for the ZX81.

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UB CSE Department: Kenneth W. Regan edit / delete

Some interesting material on statistical detection of cheating in chess -- for example, showing how a human player can actually achieve a very good match to a computer player entirely by accident, because of heavily-constrained paths in the game tree.

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Nanochess edit / delete

Miniature implementations of chess (he's done the IOCCC a few times, but there are more variants here).

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