Obscure C++ Features - Made by Evan edit / delete

"This page is a collection of obscure C++ features, gathered over the years as I've explored different corners of the language." These get more obscure as the page progresses.

to ag0700 c++ language-design obfuscated ... on 13 December 2013

Obscure C edit / delete

I was aware of most of this, but the bit about typedef was new to me!

to c language-design obfuscated ... on 15 April 2013

orangeduck/CPP_COMPLETE edit / delete

(Via david.) Turing-complete computation in the C preprocessor. Neat.

to amusements c obfuscated preprocessor ... on 18 November 2012

Nanochess edit / delete

Miniature implementations of chess (he's done the IOCCC a few times, but there are more variants here).

to chess games ioccc obfuscated software ... on 18 September 2011

Peter Klausler's home page edit / delete

Cray engineer and IOCCC entrant. Has some worthwhile stuff about vector processing and bit-op tricks.

to bit-twiddling obfuscated parallel programming research vector ... on 20 May 2006

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