Tek 1720 - Trammell Hudson's Projects edit / delete

Some Tek vectorscopes can apparently be used as X-Y vector monitors...

to graphics oscilloscope retrocomputing tek test-equipment vector ... on 01 January 2016

Quake on an oscilloscope: A technical report edit / delete

Turning Quake into a vector game. Very neat!

to 3d games graphics quake scope test-equipment vector ... on 19 January 2015

Jed Margolin edit / delete

Ex-designer of Atari coin-op games. Lots of interesting technical detail on how the last generation of vector games worked.

to atari electronics games retrocomputing vector ... on 13 February 2009

Cray-Cyber - Welcome edit / delete

Some German retrocomputing enthusiasts with *extremely* shiny toys.

to cdc cray parallel retrocomputing vector ... on 09 May 2007

A+: a programming language for actual programmers edit / delete

The deeply scary A+ language (from MSDW's internal software department). It's essentially a modern APL, complete with custom character set. I'm sure it's very expressive if you're familiar with it, but it has the most alien-looking syntax I've seen...

to apl design language programming vector ... on 13 August 2006

Peter Klausler's home page edit / delete

Cray engineer and IOCCC entrant. Has some worthwhile stuff about vector processing and bit-op tricks.

to bit-twiddling obfuscated parallel programming research vector ... on 20 May 2006

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