Glen's Stuff edit / delete

Various complex retrotech projects, including clones of the TRS-80 and PET, and a very neat scope text display using Fourier synthesis.

to commodore electronics oscilloscope pet retrotech trs80 ... on 29 June 2020

Tek 1720 - Trammell Hudson's Projects edit / delete

Some Tek vectorscopes can apparently be used as X-Y vector monitors...

to graphics oscilloscope retrocomputing tek test-equipment vector ... on 01 January 2016

Main Page - TekWiki edit / delete

Sadly short on 5000-series information, but some good general advice.

to electronics oscilloscope repair retrotech tektronix test-equipment ... on 15 May 2010

Stewart of Reading edit / delete

Cheap scopes, signal generators, etc.

to electronics oscilloscope shopping surplus test-equipment ... on 21 November 2009

Stochastic Calculus edit / delete

Mostly interesting to me for the old radio and Tektronix scopes bits.

to electronics maths oscilloscope radio retrotech statistics ... on 29 July 2009

Used Electronic Surplus & Electronics Ltd edit / delete

Sellers of second-hand test gear to companies and private individuals. I'm quite tempted by their cheap Tek scopes...

to electronics oscilloscope surplus test-gear ... on 19 August 2008

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