Blog | Neural Irish Tunes edit / delete

Generating tunes using a neural network. Some pretty good synthesised performances, although the quality of the tunes is more miss than hit (as usual).

to ai folk generative music trad tunes ... on 29 June 2020

Larry's memoirs and musings edit / delete

Larry Krakauer of the MIT AI Lab. Articles here on various ITS-related topics, but I started by reading just the chess articles and then ended up reading the whole thing...

to ai chess its machack mit ... on 05 May 2018

chessprogramming - home edit / delete

Exactly what it says on the tin. Lots of useful historical information here; I came looking for details about MacHack.

to ai chess games its retrocomputing ... on 05 May 2018

SAILDART Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab DART Archive edit / delete

"This is an archive of the first Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory derived from its final backup tapes." Run SAIL and various applications in a browser.

to ai dec history pdp10 retrocomputing sail stanford ... on 14 December 2016

The Tactical Amulet Extraction Bot edit / delete

"... the Tactical Amulet Extraction Bot for NetHack. TAEB is a framework for constructing a variety of automatic and semi-automatic players." The articles are interesting.

to ai games nethack roguelike ... on 21 June 2016

jeffshrager/elizagen edit / delete

Source and emulator images for the original ELIZA.

to ai eliza pdp1 retrocomputing software ... on 16 March 2015

[1412.6564] Move Evaluation in Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks edit / delete

"We train a large 12-layer convolutional neural network by supervised learning from a database of human professional games. The network correctly predicts the expert move in 55% of positions, equalling the accuracy of a 6 dan human player."

to ag1084 ai games go neural-networks ... on 05 January 2015

Software edit / delete

A 3D robot simulator, and control software for said robots with two stages, separating the robot's capabilities from the tasks it's able to perform. This was demonstrated very effectively at ECAL.

to ai ecal robot software ... on 18 August 2011

SAILDART Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab DART Archive edit / delete

Includes all the WAITS source code, the SAIL compiler, lots of early TeX stuff, and so on. Dunno if anyone's working on an emulatable WAITS...

to ai pdp10 retrocomputing sail stanford waits ... on 18 August 2011

Peter Norvig edit / delete

Lots of interesting stuff related to the tags below (for want of a better description).

to ai amusements lisp programming python scheme ... on 26 August 2010

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