Inside Spacewar! — A Software Archeological Approach edit / delete

Extremely comprehensive study of the Spacewar code. I might describe this as a software graphological analysis rather than an archeological one, since one of the most interesting parts is the examination of different programmers' styles...

to ag0700 games history mit pdp1 programming retrocomputing source spacewar ... on 05 March 2015

The network nightmare that ate my week | Occasionally Coherent edit / delete

An IPv6 privacy addressing horror story from MIT.

to ipv6 mit networking privacy-addressing sysadmin ... on 06 September 2014

MIT Radiation Lab series edit / delete

Scanned versions of the books that the MIT Rad Lab produced after the end of WW2 about their work on radar (as referenced in documents on the Manchester Baby computer).

to electronics etext history mit radar radio retrotech ww2 ... on 09 February 2014

MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index edit / delete

Exactly as it says. Very neat -- for example, if you want to find all the electronics puzzles...

to hunt mit mystery puzzles ... on 06 October 2012

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