The network nightmare that ate my week | Occasionally Coherent edit / delete

An IPv6 privacy addressing horror story from MIT.

to ipv6 mit networking privacy-addressing sysadmin ... on 06 September 2014

Monitor temperatures with Linux, Nagios, and DS1820 edit / delete

Cute. The sensors are a bit more expensive than the LM ones I use, but it's easier to drive lots of them from one device. The hack involving a small transformer and a power resistor strapped to a sensor to monitor the mains going out is... interesting.

to ds1820 electronics logging monitoring sysadmin temperature ... on 26 March 2014

Linux Costa Blanca: NFSv4 Myths and Legends edit / delete

Some handy advice about setting up Kerberos and NFSv4. There's also some Samba-related scripting here which looks interesting.

to linux nfs samba sysadmin ... on 11 July 2013 // unix // utmpx edit / delete

How utmp and friends work across various Unix-likes.

to distribution posix sysadmin unix utmp ... on 04 June 2013

Bootstrapping an Infrastructure edit / delete

Interesting document on managing large collections of Unix machines. Argues strongly for the client-pulls-from-master approach (which isn't what we do at UKMS, since it tends to result in lots of things breaking at once some time after you've changed the

to mirror sysadmin ... on 17 November 2006

Shark Tank edit / delete

Sysadmin war stories. It's sometimes a bit contrived, but generally amusing, and they have an RSS feed.

to amusements sysadmin ... on 13 August 2006

True in a Nutshell edit / delete

to amusements sysadmin ... on 13 August 2006

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