[Wicked cool tagline.] edit / delete

"This is an entire(-ish) linux distribution in git. Everything is built with tup." tup being a make-backwards build tool.

to build-systems distribution linux ... on 24 December 2016

Calamares – A distribution independent installer framework edit / delete

"A distribution independent installer framework". Probably a bit fancier than GARStow really needs, but it would certainly be possible to hook it up.

to distribution installation linux software ... on 17 March 2015 // unix // utmpx edit / delete

How utmp and friends work across various Unix-likes.

to distribution posix sysadmin unix utmp ... on 04 June 2013

Aboriginal Linux - We cross compile so you don't have to. edit / delete

Cross-compiled embedded Linux for a variety of architectures. It'd be interesting to bootstrap GARstow on top of this.

to cross-compile distribution garstow linux packaging software ... on 21 January 2011

T2 SDE - The Open System Development Environment edit / delete

Another distribution construction kit, based on ROCK.

to distribution linux packaging ... on 02 September 2010

HikarUnix edit / delete

A Linux distribution for Go players.

to distribution games go linux ... on 05 March 2005

Quantian edit / delete

A Linux LiveCD with a vast pile of maths and science apps.

to distribution linux ... on 05 March 2005

LMW edit / delete

A Linux distribution with X and a few apps that fits on a single floppy. Neat.

to distribution linux ... on 03 March 2005

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