The Update Framework (TUF) edit / delete

"The Update Framework (TUF) helps developers secure their new or existing software update systems." A framework for signing package updates.

to cryptography garstow packaging signature update ... on 20 January 2015

UpstreamGuide - Debian Wiki edit / delete

Another how-to-package guide (with a link to mine, which is nice!).

to debian packaging ... on 19 May 2012

Flameeyes's Weblog : Surviving without libtool archives edit / delete

Doing without .la files. Apparently it works fine.

to garstow library libtool packaging ... on 06 September 2011

Aboriginal Linux - We cross compile so you don't have to. edit / delete

Cross-compiled embedded Linux for a variety of architectures. It'd be interesting to bootstrap GARstow on top of this.

to cross-compile distribution garstow linux packaging software ... on 21 January 2011

T2 SDE - The Open System Development Environment edit / delete

Another distribution construction kit, based on ROCK.

to distribution linux packaging ... on 02 September 2010

Nix edit / delete

A "purely functional" (i.e. reproducible builds) package manager. This looks pretty good; it's more or less what I'm aiming for with GARstow, although their collection of packages isn't as big and the package syntax is a bit odd.

to garstow packaging software ... on 30 May 2009

Havoc's Blog July, 2007 edit / delete

Doing non-recursive builds with automake. Worth bearing in mind for our automake-enabled stuff.

to code packaging research ... on 14 July 2007

DOAP: Description of a Project edit / delete

RDF vocabulary for describing software. It might be interesting to use this to describe misccode, or to export from GARstow.

to packaging rdf software ... on 01 September 2006

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