CMake - Crypto++ Wiki edit / delete

Why Crypto++ stopped using CMake. This matches my experience with building CMake projects in GARStow -- I get around most of the problems through the compiler wrapper which can override flags, but that's obviously not a solution for an upstream project.

to build-systems cmake software ... on 10 December 2017 [Wicked cool tagline.] edit / delete

"This is an entire(-ish) linux distribution in git. Everything is built with tup." tup being a make-backwards build tool.

to build-systems distribution linux ... on 24 December 2016

linux-user-chroot - setuid helper for making bind mounts and chrooting edit / delete

Not a million miles from one of the sandboxing ideas I wanted to play with -- although this comes with some significant security caveats.

to build-systems chroot linux sandbox security ... on 24 October 2013

Karel Zak's blog: non-recursive automake edit / delete

How to make automake work properly across directories.

to automake build-systems ... on 13 August 2013

Autotools Mythbuster edit / delete

Some notes on common autotools techniques. The author's blog is worth reading too.

to autoconf automake build-systems software ... on 12 September 2011

Make - a tutorial edit / delete

The make tutorial that AG0700's predecessor used.

to ag0700 build-systems make teaching ... on 12 September 2011

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