Time, Clock, and Calendar Programming In C edit / delete

Nice explanation of the various historical stages of development of the C time APIs.

to ag0803 api c calendar date posix time timing unix ... on 03 October 2014

Index of /~plonka/headers edit / delete

Tool for automatically emitting #includes for POSIX functions that have been used (which was on my ideas list).

to c ideas include posix software ... on 23 August 2014

80386.nl // unix // utmpx edit / delete

How utmp and friends work across various Unix-likes.

to distribution posix sysadmin unix utmp ... on 04 June 2013

Making coroutines fast edit / delete

Why swapcontext (about the only good idea POSIX has ever had with regard to concurrency) isn't as fast as it ought to be.

to concurrency posix runtimes ... on 02 January 2011

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