Time, Clock, and Calendar Programming In C edit / delete

Nice explanation of the various historical stages of development of the C time APIs.

to ag0803 api c calendar date posix time timing unix ... on 03 October 2014

Synchronous RTS Engines and a Tale of Desyncs edit / delete

The problems of game state synchronisation; also has a nice bit about simulation vs. visualisation timescales. The unstated lesson here is that you want a more graceful way of recovering from desyncs than just completely stopping the game!

to ag0907 desync determinism games multiplayer networking synchronisation timing ... on 26 August 2014

Acquiring high-resolution time stamps (Windows) edit / delete

For AG0803 students: here's how to get a better timing reference.

to ag0803 benchmark timer timing win32 ... on 24 August 2014

STABILIZER: statistically sound performance evaluation edit / delete

Neat trick: this uses some LLVM instrumentation to shuffle memory layout around in a program while it's running, to randomise the effects of layout on performance. As a result of the central limit theorem, this tends to normalise the distribution of timing errors too (provided your program runs long enough to have been thoroughly shuffled).

to benchmarking compiler llvm performance research statistics timing ... on 01 April 2014

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