How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70% edit / delete

A nice example that combines reverse-engineering with some basic DS&A knowledge.

to algorithms cmp201 games gta performance reverse-engineering ... on 20 March 2021

ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift} - Andrew Gallant's Blog edit / delete

The tool isn't hugely compelling, but the collection of benchmarks for a regexp search engine is interesting.

to benchmarking grep performance search text unix ... on 06 December 2016

Accidentally Quadratic edit / delete

"I started this blog because over my career so far as a software engineer, I’ve kept personally running into software that was slow, and wondering why. And when I had time to point a profiler at them and debug the slowness, I would very often discover quadratic behavior, which could usually be drastically improved to linear, with just a little work."

to algorithms cmp201 complexity performance programming ... on 27 November 2016

Data-Oriented Design (Or Why You Might Be Shooting Yourself in The Foot With OOP) – Games from Within edit / delete

A student pointed me at this a couple of years ago -- cache-friendly programming from a games perspective.

to ag0803 architecture cache games performance programming ... on 14 October 2016

Flame Graphs edit / delete

A pretty way of visualising profiler output.

to flame graph performance profiling visualisation ... on 14 October 2016

iosnoop For Linux edit / delete

"How does this work? It's just a shell script!" Linux's ftrace facility turns out to be surprisingly capable... and there are a whole load of neat scripts that use it in perf-tools.

to debugging ftrace linux perf performance tracing ... on 14 October 2016

Command-line tools can be 235x faster than your Hadoop cluster edit / delete

Nothing wrong with a bit of 1970s technology in the right context -- how to solve a not-very-big-data problem the right way.

to awk cloud cluster hadoop performance pipeline unix ... on 14 September 2016

Plogue R&D: Plogue livenes edit / delete

Playing live music on the NES sound chip... by changing one bit at a time! Somewhat reminiscent of viznut's one-liners.

to chiptune music nes performance retrocomputing ... on 22 January 2016

HPN-SSH edit / delete

Making SSH go faster on high-performance networks.

to buffering network performance ssh ... on 13 March 2015

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