Shift1 System for 1-wire Shift Registers edit / delete

Expanding a single output pin using a shift register and a couple of RC delay networks for clock and latch pulses.

to electronics io microcontroller shift-register ... on 26 February 2017

Fixing sluggish write performance of USB flash (thumb) drives | Old Computer Junk edit / delete

Tweaking filesystem alignment to match the flash block size can make a difference (presumably on USB sticks where the flash translation layer isn't smart enough to do this itself).

to flash io performance storage usb ... on 17 January 2014

NetBSD Blog edit / delete

NetBSD's GPIO mechanism. Probably worth looking at when fiddling with RMoX's equivalent.

to gpio io kernel netbsd rmox ... on 27 July 2009

IOScheduling - IA64wiki edit / delete

Comparing Linux IO schedulers -- work sponsored by Google.

to benchmarking io linux ... on 09 August 2008

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