Willy Tarreau's stuff: Look back to an end-of-life LTS kernel : 3.10 edit / delete

"The end of the 3.10 branch is a good opportunity to have a look back at how that worked, and to remind some important rules regarding how to choose a kernel for your products, or the risks associated with buying products running unmaintained kernels."

to kernel linux lts security software-engineering support ... on 05 November 2017

main is usually a function: Writing kernel exploits edit / delete

A nice introduction, along with some of the mitigations (circa 2012).

to exploit kernel linux security ... on 28 February 2016

Ftrace: The hidden light switch [LWN.net] edit / delete

Using Linux's function tracer to investigate a kernel performance problem. I was looking at this again recently because I'd like to know when exactly bash is getting called...

to ftrace kernel linux performance tracing ... on 03 October 2014

Index of /deb edit / delete

Prebuilt kernels for the BeagleBone Black (and similar boards) as Debian packages. I wish there was something on the BBB wiki that pointed to this!

to arm beaglebone kernel linux ... on 15 February 2014

Index of /patches/bfs edit / delete

Sometimes I think Con Kolivas ought to see a doctor about his addiction to creating useful-but-unmergable kernel patches. ;-) This one's another experimental scheduler, aiming for decent soft-RT performance on machines with small numbers of CPUs.

to kernel linux patches scheduler ... on 17 August 2010

Zen Kernel News — zen-kernel.org edit / delete

Linux with assorted experimental extensions.

to kernel linux patches ... on 17 August 2010

NetBSD Blog edit / delete

NetBSD's GPIO mechanism. Probably worth looking at when fiddling with RMoX's equivalent.

to gpio io kernel netbsd rmox ... on 27 July 2009

Linux Plumbers Conference 2008 edit / delete

Conference for people working on Linux infrastructure. Looks fun; the proceedings will be worth checking out.

to conferences kernel linux ... on 26 August 2008

ugha! » Ramblings on linux audio/midi system setup edit / delete

Some advice on tweaking interrupt handler priorities under Linux for better audio performance.

to audio jack kernel linux ... on 16 April 2007

AppArmor - OpenSUSE edit / delete

A sane replacement for SELinux -- looks like this'd be useful for wrapping things like Firefox.

to kernel linux security software ... on 19 January 2006

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