BSS edit / delete

The somewhat RMoX-like OS that we saw at PLOS. Neat stuff.

to os research rmox software ... on 16 October 2009 DisplayLink Wiki - FrontPage edit / delete

Open-source library to drive DisplayLink USB video devices. This would be worth investigating for my desk at work, and for RMoX...

to driver graphics hardware rmox usb ... on 20 August 2009

NetBSD Blog edit / delete

NetBSD's GPIO mechanism. Probably worth looking at when fiddling with RMoX's equivalent.

to gpio io kernel netbsd rmox ... on 27 July 2009 - Software/libdlo edit / delete

Free client library for the DisplayLink USB graphics controllers (used in Samsung products, among others). This'd be of interest for RMoX.

to graphics research rmox usb ... on 24 May 2009

Building RMoX edit / delete

to research rmox ... on 18 January 2005

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