DDR3 Memory Timings Explained | MSI HQ User-to-User FAQ edit / delete

Useful when you're trying to understand what all the settings on the Allwinner DRAM controller are for.

to allwinner ddr dram memory ram ... on 03 May 2015

Revisiting FullHD X11 desktop performance of the Allwinner A10 edit / delete

Looking, in detail, into how the CPU and GPU contend for memory on the A10 -- and why some A10 machines (particularly with 16-bit memory) struggle with high resolutions. This is lovely stuff -- it's like talking about the Spectrum all over again!

to allwinner arm contention dram embedded memory performance video ... on 14 November 2014

How to get away with disabling DRAM refresh « Reenigne blog edit / delete

Speeding up a demo for the IBM PC by disabling DRAM refresh, since the program accesses all the memory that needs refreshing regularly anyway. Neat.

to architecture demo dram pc refresh retrocomputing ... on 26 July 2014

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