Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson's homepage! Remixes, music and demos! edit / delete

Demoscene author -- he's done some very impressive work (particularly in C64 audio) over the last few years.

to audio c64 demo demoscene music retrocomputing software ... on 26 February 2017

CHIPFLIP | chipmusic and 8-bit art edit / delete

Various interesting articles about the demoscene and its impact on modern music. The "where are they now" list is very interesting...

to demo demoscene history music retrocomputing ... on 31 March 2016

GP-01 by Genesis Project :: pouë edit / delete

The CGA demo that needed fixes to work on a real CGA card...

to cga debugging demo pc scalzi ... on 28 March 2016

countercomplex: Some deep analysis of one-line music programs. edit / delete

viznut's collection of one-line music. Very impressive.

to audio chiptune cute-code demo demoscene glitch music retrocomputing ... on 22 January 2016

How to get away with disabling DRAM refresh « Reenigne blog edit / delete

Speeding up a demo for the IBM PC by disabling DRAM refresh, since the program accesses all the memory that needs refreshing regularly anyway. Neat.

to architecture demo dram pc refresh retrocomputing ... on 26 July 2014

HBC-00013: Highway 4k by ½-bit Cheese & Tekotuotanto :: pouë edit / delete

4k Javascript/OpenGL/GLSL demo. The "making of" document's very interesting, and includes the original source.

to ag0700 demo graphics javascript opengl ... on 18 January 2014

BTTR >> News edit / delete

Large collection of Amiga PD and demos.

to amiga demo fish pd retrocomputing software ... on 17 February 2013

Main Page - IN4K edit / delete

Very little demos.

to demo programming ... on 25 August 2010

Index of /projects/bold edit / delete

An ELF linker, for people who want to make 1k/4k demos. Cute.

to demo elf linker software ... on 25 August 2010

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