Twice the bits, twice the trouble: vulnerabilities induced by migrating to 64-bit platforms | the morning paper edit / delete

"In this study, Wressnegger et al. reveal how a codebase originally written for 32-bit, and which is perfectly secure on 32-bit platforms, can have new vulnerabilities simply by compiling it for 64-bit systems." No surprises for anyone who follows oss-security etc., but the paper's a good overview.

to architecture porting security vulnerabilities ... on 06 April

Proposed Electronic Calculator, by Alan Turing (48 pp.) undated edit / delete

Proposal for what became the ACE, circa 1945. Among many other things, this introduces the BURY and UNBURY opcodes (which these days we'd call PUSH and POP) and their application in function linkage.

to ace architecture electronics history retrocomputing turing ... on 05 April

Data-Oriented Design (Or Why You Might Be Shooting Yourself in The Foot With OOP) – Games from Within edit / delete

A student pointed me at this a couple of years ago -- cache-friendly programming from a games perspective.

to ag0803 architecture cache games performance programming ... on 14 October 2016

Friends of Williamson's Tunnels | est. 1996 edit / delete

"The Williamson Tunnels are a labyrinth of tunnels and underground caverns under the Edge Hill district of Liverpool in north-west England. They were built in the first few decades of the 1800s under the control of a retired tobacco merchant called Joseph Williamson."

to architecture history liverpool subterranea tunnels ... on 08 September 2016

RETRO DUNDEE edit / delete

An impressive collection of photos of Dundee from the 60s-80s. It's amazing how much the city centre has changed (in many cases, twice, after the council has realised that the concrete eyesore that replaced a bit of classic Scottish architecture was not as good an idea as it originally seemed).

to architecture dundee history photos ... on 30 March 2015

Gordon Bell: Computers, Projects, Patents, Books, and Papers edit / delete

This includes electronic versions of many of his classic books on computer architecture -- very good stuff.

to ag0803 architecture cpu design electronics etext performance retrocomputing ... on 18 January 2015

Notes on calculating constants in SSE registers - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs edit / delete

Optimising instruction sequences for loading SSE constants.

to ag0700 ag0803 architecture bitwise simd sse x86 ... on 03 January 2015

Modern Microprocessors - A 90 Minute Guide! edit / delete

This covers nearly all of the architecture side of AG0803, and some more stuff besides; a nice overview.

to ag0803 architecture cpu memory performance pipelining superscalar ... on 24 August 2014

How to get away with disabling DRAM refresh « Reenigne blog edit / delete

Speeding up a demo for the IBM PC by disabling DRAM refresh, since the program accesses all the memory that needs refreshing regularly anyway. Neat.

to architecture demo dram pc refresh retrocomputing ... on 26 July 2014

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