Collected advice on Unix CLI Design & Implementation (Alan Coopersmith's Weblog) edit / delete

A Solaris-specific view on Unix tool design. (Not always followed in the past -- I have not-very-fond memories of a Sun disk array where the admin command was "rm6".)

to design patterns solaris toolbox unix ... on 23 March 2015

Hints for writing Unix tools edit / delete

Another set of advice on Unix tool design.

to design patterns pipeline toolbox unix ... on 22 March 2015

Game Programming Patterns edit / delete

A relatively small collection of design patterns for games implementation, including reevaluation of some of the Gang of Four patterns. Good content; students will probably find this an interesting read. (The writing style is a bit cutesy, though!)

to ag0700 design design-patterns games patterns software-engineering ... on 13 March 2015

AWS-CloudDesignPattern edit / delete

"The AWS Cloud Design Patterns (CDP) are a collection of solutions and design ideas for using AWS cloud technology to solve common systems design problems." A nice collection.

to cloud distributed parallel patterns ... on 01 July 2014

Cryptography Coding Standard edit / delete

Patterns for secure cryptographic software (e.g. same comparisons).

to cryptography patterns programming safety security ... on 27 April 2014

Simon Tatham - Adages edit / delete

Some XP-style programming adages.

to ag0700 amusements patterns programming teaching ... on 14 December 2013

Sandra Henry-Stocker | ITworld edit / delete

"This blog offers advice for everyday Unix systems administration and some clever ways to approach more challenging problems." Lots of nice examples of how to string Unix tools together to do interesting things.

to patterns toolbox unix ... on 01 December 2013

cliapp: Python framework for Unix command line programs edit / delete

Unix patterns library for Python. I have something like this (but rather less sophisticated!) in misccode.

to patterns python unix ... on 24 October 2013

Welcome to the Tricki | Tricki edit / delete

A well-organised collection of mathematical proof tricks -- e.g. if you're trying to prove that two things are equal, or prove for all X, then this provides a collection of techniques you can use. If it had names it'd be a pattern catalogue.

to maths patterns proof ... on 20 February 2013

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