Command-line tools can be 235x faster than your Hadoop cluster edit / delete

Nothing wrong with a bit of 1970s technology in the right context -- how to solve a not-very-big-data problem the right way.

to awk cloud cluster hadoop performance pipeline unix ... on 14 September 2016

AWS-CloudDesignPattern edit / delete

"The AWS Cloud Design Patterns (CDP) are a collection of solutions and design ideas for using AWS cloud technology to solve common systems design problems." A nice collection.

to cloud distributed parallel patterns ... on 01 July 2014

Jefferson’s Wheel » Blog Archive » Private Editing Using Untrusted Cloud Services edit / delete

One to discuss at the CES group at some point.

to cesrg cloud security ... on 21 May 2011

Canned Platypus » Blog Archive » The High Performance Cloud edit / delete

Talking about Amazon providing cloud services specifically for cluster computing. I suspect this makes more sense than investing in clusters these days, financially speaking (although in terms of data confidentiality, it's completely insane).

to cloud cluster hpc simulation ... on 17 August 2010

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