Axiomatic validation of memory barriers and atomic instructions [] edit / delete

More progress on model checking for memory models on modern processors. The tool described here covers ARM, Power and x86 memory models, and does efficient analysis of (smallish) chunks of code.

to arm atomic concurrency herd intel memory memory-model model-checking power static-analysis x86 ... on 28 August 2014

Notes on Intel Microcode Updates edit / delete

Reverse-engineering Intel's microcode update mechanism.

to cpu intel microcode reverse-engineering security ... on 16 June 2014

beignet - The Beignet GPGPU System for Intel Ivybridge GPUs edit / delete

Open implementation of OpenCL, now under development again. Must have a play (probably in a few months once it's stabilised a bit).

to gpgpu intel opencl ... on 29 April 2013

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