Axiomatic validation of memory barriers and atomic instructions [] edit / delete

More progress on model checking for memory models on modern processors. The tool described here covers ARM, Power and x86 memory models, and does efficient analysis of (smallish) chunks of code.

to arm atomic concurrency herd intel memory memory-model model-checking power static-analysis x86 ... on 28 August 2014

Energy-efficient bcrypt cracking (Passwords^13 - PasswordsCon Bergen 2013) edit / delete

Keys/second/watt for various architectures. The manycore ones do very well -- they aren't fast as such but they're very power-efficient for the performance they get.

to bcrypt cryptography efficiency manycore parallel performance power ... on 18 February 2014

2,4V-StepUp-PowerLed-Treiber - LED Schaltungen, Treiber und ┬ÁC - edit / delete

7555-based circuit to run a string of high-power LEDs from a couple of AA cells. Very neat!

to 555 electronics led power psu ... on 18 April 2012

Simple High-Power LED Regulator edit / delete

I probably have all these bits in my junk collection.

to electronics led power psu ... on 23 March 2012

n e t a edit / delete

Raw data from the UK's energy suppliers. Very neat.

to electricity energy mains power ... on 02 November 2011

Dicks-website edit / delete

Audio and power-related electronics projects. The very low voltage oscillators are interesting.

to audio electronics oscillator power ... on 13 May 2011

Power Electronics and Photovoltaic Power Systems Laboratory edit / delete

Colorado's power electronics module. I found this while hunting for a better description of the IP3525AN switch-mode PSU chip than the datasheet provides (i.e. any description at all of how to actually use the thing).

to electronics power psu ... on 27 February 2011

Dynamic Demand edit / delete

Measuring load on the National Grid by looking at the supply frequency.

to electronics power ... on 16 July 2007

Gnet Power Systems edit / delete

Approaches to powering wireless nodes (including "alternative energy" approaches).

to electronics power wireless ... on 02 February 2005

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