Industrial Alchemy edit / delete

Unusual valves, semiconductors and display devices - all the things that were competing with Nixie tubes, for example.

to electronics history led retrotech semiconductor valve ... on 07 October 2017

Projects - Dmitry Grinberg edit / delete

Reverse-engineering cheap ARM microcontrollers, and some very fancy LED lighting projects.

to electronics led microcontroller reverse-engineering ... on 06 March 2017

Flashlight information edit / delete

And batteries and chargers and LED drivers and and and. Very comprehensive, and the author's consistent in how different items are reviewed, so it's a good basis for comparison.

to battery electronics flashlight led psu review torch ... on 20 December 2014

Thinkpad Hacking: LED Backlight Conversions edit / delete

"Converting a Thinkpad from a CCFL to an LED backlight is a straightforward process, though there's some DIY involved." Pretty comprehensive.

to backlight ccfl electronics inverter laptop led repair thinkpad ... on 24 August 2014

PICatout: LED scintillante edit / delete

Making your own flashing LED, with a little PIC glued to the base. This is very silly and also very impressive.

to amusements electronics led microcontroller pic ... on 09 April 2014

2,4V-StepUp-PowerLed-Treiber - LED Schaltungen, Treiber und ┬ÁC - edit / delete

7555-based circuit to run a string of high-power LEDs from a couple of AA cells. Very neat!

to 555 electronics led power psu ... on 18 April 2012

Simple High-Power LED Regulator edit / delete

I probably have all these bits in my junk collection.

to electronics led power psu ... on 23 March 2012

Things to make and do. edit / delete

Mostly involving fire and/or light. Includes the Joule Thief, and how to solve the problem of the last Rolo using explosives.

to amusements electronics led pyrotechnics ... on 03 October 2009

SparkFun Electronics - LED Matrix - Dual Color - Medium edit / delete

The LED matrices Matt bought. Very pretty.

to display electronics led matrix shopping ... on 17 July 2009

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