Музей электронных раритетов edit / delete

Huge collection of Soviet-made ICs -- lots of information about what's in all the different series.

to 1801 555 chip ic retrotech russia soviet ... on 07 January 2016

The Life of Kenneth: 555 Constant Current Lead-Acid Battery Charger edit / delete

To implement the state machine of a lead-acid battery charger, you need a couple of comparators and a flip-flop. Which is what's in a 555! Neat design.

to 555 battery charging electronics lead-acid psu ... on 15 November 2015

2,4V-StepUp-PowerLed-Treiber - LED Schaltungen, Treiber und µC - LedStyles.de edit / delete

7555-based circuit to run a string of high-power LEDs from a couple of AA cells. Very neat!

to 555 electronics led power psu ... on 18 April 2012

Tube Time » Blog Archive » 555 Contest Entry edit / delete

AM radio receiver using a CMOS 555. Awesome!

to 555 electronics radio ... on 23 March 2012

Designing Analog Chips by Hans Camenzind edit / delete

By the designer of the NE555 -- which he critiques and suggests some improvements to in chapter 11.

to 555 electronics etext semiconductors ... on 02 January 2009

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