Lee Hart's Lead-Acid Battery Charging Basics edit / delete

A nice summary of how to charge a lead-acid battery. It works.

to battery charging electronics lead-acid ... on 17 November 2015

The Life of Kenneth: 555 Constant Current Lead-Acid Battery Charger edit / delete

To implement the state machine of a lead-acid battery charger, you need a couple of comparators and a flip-flop. Which is what's in a 555! Neat design.

to 555 battery charging electronics lead-acid psu ... on 15 November 2015

Hardware and Firmware Issues in Using Ultra-Low Power MCUs edit / delete

"This report describes the hardware and firmware issues one must consider when designing very low-power coin-cell products." I imagine there are other concerns as well, but lots of interesting stuff here.

to battery electronics low-power microcontroller power-management ... on 18 January 2015

Flashlight information edit / delete

And batteries and chargers and LED drivers and and and. Very comprehensive, and the author's consistent in how different items are reviewed, so it's a good basis for comparison.

to battery electronics flashlight led psu review torch ... on 20 December 2014

Linux and electronics notes. edit / delete

There's a pretty spectacular demo of rewinding a transformer using a stepper motor to distribute the windings evenly -- and some other neat things, e.g. building a boost converted using an AVR, and measuring AA cell discharge rates.

to aa avr battery electronics microcontroller stepper transformer winding ... on 24 March 2013

Battery Showdown — The Best AA Battery You Can Buy? edit / delete

A decent comparison of a wide range of AA brands. The executive summary is that within each chemistry, they're all nearly indistinguishable -- so (provided you stick to alkaline batteries, not zinc or lithium) you should just buy whatever's cheapest. Which works for me.

to aa battery electronics ... on 28 September 2012

BattMan II: Build a Computer Controlled Battery Manager edit / delete

I'd been considering building something like this myself (having got fed up with generally crappy off-the-shelf battery chargers, which are generally enough of a pain to make it not worth me using rechargables). Looks good.

to battery charger electronics ... on 28 July 2012

Strikalite - the rechargable battery specialists edit / delete

Reasonably-priced rebuilders of battery packs. I ought to get them to rebuild my IC-32E's battery box at some point.

to battery radio shopping ... on 04 March 2012

The Small Battery Company edit / delete

A company that sells small batteries. The FAQ's quite interesting.

to battery electronics shopping ... on 21 August 2005

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