Cheap RF - a low cost open source 802.15.4 platform edit / delete

"The CC2533 sends and receives 802.15.4 packets at 2.4GHz, there's hardware support for AES-128 encryption, an 8051 CPU and the usual collection of SoC devices uarts/spi/i2c/gpios/timers etc." With SDCC-based toolchain and libraries.

to electronics embedded low-power microcontroller radio ... on 22 January 2015

Hardware and Firmware Issues in Using Ultra-Low Power MCUs edit / delete

"This report describes the hardware and firmware issues one must consider when designing very low-power coin-cell products." I imagine there are other concerns as well, but lots of interesting stuff here.

to battery electronics low-power microcontroller power-management ... on 18 January 2015

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