Radio Netherlands Receiver Shopping List edit / delete

Via the Internet Archive. This varied a bit over time.

to electronics hf radio receiver review ... on 10 November 2019

Product Reviews | Mike Rivers – Useful Audio Stuff edit / delete

Detailed reviews of audio interfaces and recorders - now a few years old, but a good indication of what to look for in newer equipment too.

to audio electronics interface recording review ... on 21 October 2018

Flashlight information edit / delete

And batteries and chargers and LED drivers and and and. Very comprehensive, and the author's consistent in how different items are reviewed, so it's a good basis for comparison.

to battery electronics flashlight led psu review torch ... on 20 December 2014

Applied Cryptography Engineering — Quarrelsome edit / delete

A critique of "Applied Cryptography" and "Cryptography Engineering". Interesting reading.

to books cryptography review schneier ... on 03 October 2014

Ian Chadwick's harmonica reviews edit / delete

Remarkably comprehensive review of diatonic harmonicas. Interesting for a comparison of the techologies involved.

to diatonic harmonica instruments music review ... on 18 March 2013

Quake 2 Source Code Review edit / delete

Another one for the AG0700 (or possibly later) students.

to ag0700 games review software ... on 29 September 2011

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