The Life of Kenneth: 555 Constant Current Lead-Acid Battery Charger edit / delete

To implement the state machine of a lead-acid battery charger, you need a couple of comparators and a flip-flop. Which is what's in a 555! Neat design.

to 555 battery charging electronics lead-acid psu ... on 15 November 2015

Anachrocomputer's Blog: Fixing Tek 5000 Scopes edit / delete

He has the same Tek scope that I do -- and it sounds like the same power supply fault. Time to order some new capacitors...

to electronics psu repair scope tek test-equipment ... on 17 January 2015

Flashlight information edit / delete

And batteries and chargers and LED drivers and and and. Very comprehensive, and the author's consistent in how different items are reviewed, so it's a good basis for comparison.

to battery electronics flashlight led psu review torch ... on 20 December 2014

Ray Carlsen's Home Page edit / delete

Repair guides for all the Commodore 8-bit machines and many of the peripherals (disk drives, monitors).

to 6502 8bit c128 c16 c64 commodore disk electronics monitor psu repair retrocomputing ... on 05 August 2014

Valves And Transformers (Contents) edit / delete

A decent selection of transformers for valve circuits. Including very large power transformers...

to electronics psu shopping transformer valve ... on 18 June 2012

2,4V-StepUp-PowerLed-Treiber - LED Schaltungen, Treiber und ┬ÁC - edit / delete

7555-based circuit to run a string of high-power LEDs from a couple of AA cells. Very neat!

to 555 electronics led power psu ... on 18 April 2012

Amateur Radio at W5JGV edit / delete

Building Very Large Power Supplies, and other radio restoration stuff.

to amplifier electronics psu radio retrotech ... on 30 March 2012

Simple High-Power LED Regulator edit / delete

I probably have all these bits in my junk collection.

to electronics led power psu ... on 23 March 2012

Power Electronics and Photovoltaic Power Systems Laboratory edit / delete

Colorado's power electronics module. I found this while hunting for a better description of the IP3525AN switch-mode PSU chip than the datasheet provides (i.e. any description at all of how to actually use the thing).

to electronics power psu ... on 27 February 2011

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