Scott's Bass Lessons - YouTube edit / delete

Some interesting tips here.

to bass guitar music teaching ... on 10 October 2016

Articles and Schematics edit / delete

A variety of interesting guitar pedal designs -- many based on FET-ified versions of guitar amps. The EQ pedal in particular looks interesting.

to amp audio compression distortion effects electronics eq guitar ... on 04 September 2016

Inside the Fender Vibratone edit / delete

A Leslie designed for guitarists.

to amplifier audio guitar leslie retrotech ... on 18 July 2016

OJBR - Welcome to the OJBR edit / delete

"The Online Journal of Bass Research (OJBR) is a refereed electronic journal, published by the International Society of Bassists."

to bass guitar jazz journals music ... on 25 October 2015

Dylan's Guitars edit / delete

A photographic survey of Bob Dylan's guitars.

to bob-dylan guitar instruments music ... on 07 June 2015

MPUSTC String Tension Calculator edit / delete

"The McDonald Patent Universal String Tension Calculator (MPUSTC) is a handy calculator to figure string tensions in steel-string instruments." Works well for guitar, but struggles a bit for bouzouki.

to guitar luthiery music string ... on 22 March 2015

Antebellum Instruments: Notes on Guitar String Tension edit / delete

Excellent overview of why you should worry about the weights of strings you're using -- particularly when using alternative turnings.

to guitar luthiery music string ... on 22 March 2015

EA Tremolo edit / delete

Built it. It works nicely (and first time too, even given some component subsitutions -- in particular, a BC550 works for the LFO transistor).

to audio effects electronics guitar tremelo ... on 01 April 2012

YouTube - daddadpfc's Channel edit / delete

Paul from the Broughty Ferry session.

to dundee folk guitar music ... on 25 March 2011

About - Dick Gaughan's Website edit / delete

It's very hard not to like a folk musician who builds their own web sites.

to folk guitar lyrics music songs tunes ... on 09 May 2010

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