Kit Rae: Guitars and Gear edit / delete

Lots of guitar-related stuff, but particularly interesting for the detailed history of the Big Muff Pi fuzz pedals -- with discussion of all the different models, circuit differences, etc. -- and Tangerine Dream's film score for "The Keep". A substantial time sink.

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Tone From Heaven edit / delete

"The purpose of this site is to convey the general feeling of the effects used by David Gilmour and to explain as best I can what they are used for and where." Includes interviews with Pete Cornish (pedalboards) and BK Butler (of Butler Tube Driver fame).

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spare bricks :: the archive edit / delete

Complete run of an online Pink Floyd zine. The reviews of concerts and interviews with various people are interesting.

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Hoka`s Pink Floyd Page|Gilmour Mason Wright Waters Barrett edit / delete

The list of tour dates is particularly useful.

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Most interesting for the lists of oddities -- e.g. the numbers that Roger Waters shouted during the Animals tour...

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rarepinkfloyd [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Accueil edit / delete

"Le Wiki des documents in├ędits ou rares du groupe Pink Floyd."

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Magrathea edit / delete

"These web pages are an archive of differences between the initial broadcasts of the famous "Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (HHGTTG) radio series, and the versions of those broadcasts now available on CD"

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Bathrobe's "Allusions to Classical Chinese Poetry in Pink Floyd" edit / delete

Set The Controls "in fact owe[s] much to an anthology of Chinese poetry called Poems of the Late T'ang by A. C. Graham, published by Penguin in 1965."

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Pink Floyd and the Publius Enigma: the Pink Floyd faq edit / delete

I was wondering why the released version of Pulse is substantially different from the version I watched on TV in the 90s...

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PRRP edit / delete

One of many live recording remastering projects. PRRP has a focus on Genesis but does a decent number of other bands as well -- good writeups too.

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