Bob Eichler's Home Page edit / delete

Fairly high overlap with my interests: classic game hardware, detailed reviews of prog rock albums and shows, Frank Zappa references on MST3K. Pity about the obnoxious Javascript malware injected by the hosting provider!

to amusements gba microvision mst3k music pink-floyd prog retrocomputing yes zappa ... on 12 September 2017

mGBA edit / delete

An accurate GBA emulator.

to emulation gba nintendo retrocomputing ... on 21 June 2016

mGBA edit / delete

Another GBA emulator with debugging facilities -- might be worth looking at as an alternative to VBA for AG0700 students (particularly those not on Windows).

to ag0700 cross-development emulation gba nintendo ... on 06 January 2015

Classic NES Series Anti-Emulation Measures - mGBA edit / delete

Copy-protection (or, rather, emulator avoidance) on the GBA. I'm not entirely sure why they bothered.

to copy-protection games gba reverse-engineering software ... on 03 January 2015

Pin Eight: Game Boy Advance Software edit / delete

... and some more little GBA games, with source available.

to games gba homebrew software ... on 21 November 2011

luminesweeper: the alternative to lumines for gba owners (action puzzle video game) edit / delete

Tetris meets Minesweeper, for the GBA. Open source.

to games gba homebrew software ... on 21 November 2011

TONC edit / delete

A good, technical GBA tutorial and reference.

to ag0700 games gba programming ... on 13 October 2011

Gameboy Advance edit / delete

Assorted links to GBA flash cartridges and accessories (although the bias here is clearly towards piracy rather than homebrew).

to flash gba multiboot ... on 08 October 2011

GBA Multiboot Intelligent Cable - Ajo's web site edit / delete

Multiboot using a PIC16F84. (Maybe I should use up my stock of PIC16C84s on this...)

to electronics gba microcontroller multiboot pic ... on 08 October 2011

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